Project kick-off meeting and zoomBINGO!

We had the Sustainability in Finance (SuFi) projects kick-off meeting last Friday 25th of September. The meeting started with funny online bingo. The purpose of the bingo was to get to know each other better. We had some questions like current location, breakfast drink and first pet. Nobody unfortunately got bingo, but we learnt a lot about our partners. Here is picture of us and our current locations. How many cities can you find?

In the kick-off meeting we also had some representatives from our associated partners, Kristiina Siikala (Finance Finland) and Anna-Stiina Wiklund (Bank of Åland). They both had short presentation about their work, organization and sustainability. Their presentations were very interesting and gave some new thoughts to the project partners.

The SuFi projects main goal is to develop Sustainable Finance online module. In the kick-off meeting we had a short ideation of SuFi module in small groups. We discussed questions related to learning outcome and content of the module.

The Covid-19 situation have forced us to work online. Hopefully someday we have the opportunity to meet our project partners in person. But before that we all must stay safe and healty.

(The correct answer to the bingo-picture question is: 5)

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