SuFi course ideation continued in 2nd workshop

Today we continued our Sustainability in Finance course ideation at second workshop. The online workshop was held in zoom.

In the beginning workshops facilitator Heli Lankinen instructed everyone to find a small item which somehow presents their current thoughts of SuFi project and/or project status. We had chance to show our selected items to everyone. In the picture (above) you can see our items. One of items were flower which represented that our project is like a blooming flower. Another was a screw driver, which symblized that our project work is in progress

Group work in breakout groups

We were divided in to the breakout rooms where we continued module development in three groups.

  • module 1: Sustainable Development
  • module 2: Sustainable Finance
  • module 3: Future Megatrends and Vocational Competencies

We had three sessions and every session had own goal.  One of the main goals was to agree how the course development continues so that everyone can be ready for the first pilot implementation next fall.

We used Flinga canvas (below) as course ideation platform.

We will have one more workshop in this spring to finalize the course ideation.

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